Derek Bolt: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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Derek Bolt may have one of the most solid sets of glutes on the blue screen. But what makes him precum like a faucet? How’s his love life? And he wanted to be a what when he was a kid?

We expect our porn stars to have good bodies and generally, they invest a lot of time to stay in shape for the screen.

Derek Bolt has one of the most muscular physiques you will find.

That’s because he’s not a porn star who dabbles in bodybuilding a job requirement. It’s that he’s a real bodybuilder who doesn’t just dabble at being on the blue screen – he seizes every minute of it.

And if that leads you to think “big and dumb,” big, yes. Dumb? Not by a long shot. Which makes him the perfect man to learn more about in this week’s update to our exclusive series, 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

First, a stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™
meet gay porn star derek boltDerek’s very first shoot was with Sebastian Kross for “Ultra Sex” in April of 2016 for Falcon. Since then, Derek has added muscle power to films for NextDoorStudios, Hot House,, and Raging Stallion.

sean maygers fucks derek bolt

Derek is a Libra with a simple, self-effacing motto: “I’m a pornstar, architect, athlete, dork; general jack of all trades just making my way in life.”

He’s also a very well deserved nominee for the “Hottest Body” category in this year’s Grabby Awards which will be held later this month.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Derek Bolt

1) I lost my virginity at 20, in a threesome. I met a couple on Grindr, went over to their place on the last day of classes before Thanksgiving and bottomed for them both, then showered and caught the 3:330AM bus home to my parent’s place. So I’m a late bloomer, but I started with a bang. I still have such a thing for threesomes to this day.

2) My nipples are the most erogenous part of my body. Like they are seriously wired to my dick – Playing with them makes me precum like crazy.

3) I’ve fallen in love with three guys in my life, and each time, they ended up leaving the country within a month. (My husband got on a plane to Switzerland the day after we started dating). So I’m good with keeping in touch over long distances.

4) I wanted to be a priest when I was a kid, something my family teases me mercilessly about today. Its funny cause I’m a godless heathen now, but I was such an altar boy when I was 10.

5) I designed my husbands wedding ring. I spent about 18 months working out the absolute perfect design in Rhino 3D, then had it 3D prototyped in bass and silver, then carried it around for another 6 months before I proposed. The best part is I made sure he knew I had it, and showed all our friends, but didn’t let him see it until I proposed in Key West. Then I had the final version printed out of gold and white gold once I made sure it fit. It’s literally one of a kind, just like him.

gabriel cross derek bolt flip fuck falcon

If I were to write my autobiography up to this point, the title would be … The title of my memoirs thus far would be “Bigger, Stonger, Nicer” and the chapter about my adult career would be called: “YOU try living in the middle of nowhere Florida”.

If someone could only see one of my scenes, I would tell them to watch: “My scene with Sean Maygers in “Vice”. I was just all over his dick in that scene” …

[Watch Derek & Sean in “Vice” scene three at Raging Stallion]

And a close runner-up would be “Skuff: Rough Trade” with Jimmy Durano.

[Watch Derek Bolt & Jimmy Durano in “Rough Trade” scene four]

The Sword would very much like to thank Derek for his time.

In addition to Dante Colle, Sean Duran, Beaux Banks, Gabriel Cross, Pierce Paris, Logan Moore, Skyy Knox, Michael Del Ray, Johnny V, Eddy CeeTee, Michael Roman, Scott DeMarco, Brandon Cody, & Leo Forte we’ve already gotten to know better, there’s plenty more in the pipeline where this came from.
You know what that means … watch this blog!

You know what that means … watch this blog!

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