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Gay Porn Blog has been blogging about gay porn since there was internet with porn to blog about. It was been featured in Salon, Slate, Huffington Post, Out and many others. It is run by Jack Shamama & Mike Stabile. About Us:

Jack Shamama was born in Brooklyn and moved to Miami’s tony South Beach
for his adolescence. He’s been fending off men ever since. Jack prefers Yoko Ono and Jessica Simpson.

Mike Stabile first discovered the power of porn in boarding school,
when he would trade his father’s Playboy centerfolds for social currency.
He’s been trading sex for favors ever since.
Mike likes John Lennon and Ashlee Simpson

Mike and Jack have been best friends since college and both work in the gay porn industry. Their writing has, collectively and separately, appeared in magazines such as Playboy, Daily Beast, Salon, Huffington Post, the Village Voice, Pug Talk, Out.com and others.

Email Mike and Jack with tips, news, questions and date requests.

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The GPB Manifesto:

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with being delighted by the dirty,
charmed by the crass, obsessed with the obscene, rabid for the ribald,
captivated by the crude, into the indecent, touched by the tacky, fixated on the filthy,
titillated by the tantalizing, partial to the prurient, bewitched by the bawdy,
and rhapsodic for the raunchy, or preoccupied with porn.

We think dirty jokes are the only kind worth telling.



We adore Al Parker, Al Goldstein, Rick, Chad and Casey Donovan, John Waters, Johnathan Adler,
Bruce LaBruce, Bruce Cam, Bruce Hainley, William Higgins, Kathleen “Kath” Darleen Day-Knight, Sister Roma,
Joey Stefano, Joe Gage, J.D. Cadinot, P.R. Simon, Rip Colt, Rip Taylor, Michel Foucault, Chi Chi LaRue, Larry Flynt,
Dirk Yates, Jeff Koons, Cory Koons, Dennis Cooper, George Duroy, Linda Lovelace, Matt Sterling, Matthew Barney, Ryan Trecartin, Mrs. Beasley and Andy Warhol.

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