Gabriel Cross: 5 Things You Don’t Know About Me

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Gabriel Cross has been making gay porn a lot longer than you realize. His favorite person in the world might not surprise you. But his very favorite scene among the 50+ he’s filmed is a real shocker.

So far in our exclusive series, 5 Things You Don’t About Me”, we’ve have gotten to know a lot more about Dante Colle, Sean Duran, and Beaux Banks.

Today, it’s that highly cultivated English rose, Gabriel Cross.

First, a stop at the The Sword’s Pornback Machine™ brings it all into perspective.
meet gabriel cross gay porn starWith his 5’7″ frame and cherubic face, this fact comes with a WTF moment: Gabriel Cross has been turning us on for almost a dozen years. His first scenes (one solo and two hardcore), under the name of Gabriel Ross, were released back in July of 2005 at EnglishLads. It was five years later when his star really began to shine at Randy Blue where Ross became Cross. In the years to follow, Gabriel has shared his sexual stylings with TitanMen, NextDoorStudios,, Hot House, Falcon, and NakedSword Originals.

meet gabriel cross gay porn star

With with of the best asses around, and the ability to use it, it’s no wonder that his big, uncut sausage on the front never quite gets the attention it deserves. His talents are not limited to the basement either. When he opens those angelic lips and fills it with a cock, he doesn’t just use his mouth, he uses his whole body to get the job done. No wonder after twelve years, the industry is anything but done with him.

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Gabriel Cross

1) The most important person in my life is my mum.

2) I make a great friend, not such a great boyfriend.

3) I hate clothes shopping. Nothing ever fits me …

4) I love working in porn, I find it really fulfilling. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been in the industry for so long.

5) love art and design. Francis Bacon is my favourite artist and I have extremely varied tastes. Everything from early medieval religious works through to Grayson Perry. However, I don’t like pretty art. I need something with passion and gravitas. I find impressionism dull and predictable.

meet gabriel cross gay porn star

If I were to write my autobiography up to this point, the title would be … meet gabriel cross gay porn starThe title of my memoirs this far would be “A Life Less Ordinary” and the chapter about my adult career would be called: Well … I’m not sure what it would be called. I just know it would take up more than just a chapter.

If someone could only see one of my scenes, I would tell them to watch: “I find it so hard to pinpoint a specific scene. Of my recent work I’d say “Skuff: Dog House” from Hot House with Jason Vario. It’s directed by Nick Foxx, one of the most talented people in the industry. We’ve been working together since my Randy Blue days and we have the most amazing working relationship.”

[Watch Gabriel & Jason in “Skuff: Dog House” scene five at Hot House]

The Sword would very much like to thank Gabriel for his time.

There’s plenty more in the pipeline where this came from.

You know what that means … watch this blog!

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