“Well I Don’t Know … I’m Pretty Well Known For My Latex Ass”

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I’m really enjoying my new gig here at GayPornBlog because I’m discovering all kinds of hot stuff I missed the first time around. Dean Monroe’s is incredibly handsome and his Greek heritage gives him the dark hair and olive complexion I love in a man. Then there’s his beard, furry body, incredible ass – the man’s one sexy package. I thought that I was pretty good at keeping up with his scenes, but I guess I have missed a few.

Now you’d think if Dean Monroe got me revving hard that a heavily tattooed rough fucker like Ricky Sinz wouldn’t. But he does. Sinz is incredibly skilled at running his filthy mouth — that’s what drives me nuts about him — and getting the best out of his bottoms. He’s the man my mother warned me about – well, she didn’t warn me about men, but you know what I mean – but it doesn’t matter, I’d take whatever heap of trouble came along with Sinz.

Ricky Sinz and Dean Monroe are sharing a couch in Men Over 30’s “Daddy Dearest,” and like I said, I missed this pairing the first time around. Sinz asks Monroe who his best scene top was and this starts some back and forth posturing as they try and outdo one another. When Sinz says that he doesn’t think he’ll ever find another power bottom as good as his best, Monroe says, “Well I don’t know, I’m … um … pretty well known for my latex ass.”

I’m anxious to watch these two fuck, so I breeze through the sucking and pop into the moment where Dean is dying across Sinz’s lap and the tattooed top is fingering Dean’s hole and making him moan and squirm. Sinz sits back and tells Monroe to sit on his dick and as Dean lowers his ass past his face, Sinz says, “Ah fuck, beautiful ass.” Monroe rides Sinzs backwards, then flips around and faces him.

But then Monroe gets on the floor and Sinz plunge fucks him. “Oh I love watching you fuck me,” Monroe says. This gets Sinz charged up and he pounds harder and deeper. The men head to the couch for the finale and Sinz fucks Monroe on his back until the hunk cums all over his belly. Sinz moves to the end of the sofa and dances up and down on his toes while his cum wad works its way up from his balls, then he spunks all over Monroe’s face. Sinz didn’t comment on Monroe’s “latex ass,” but we can tell by the huge load he shoots that he enjoyed it. Watch “Daddy Dearest” at NakedSword.

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2 responses to “Well I Don’t Know … I’m Pretty Well Known For My Latex Ass”

  1. Stefan November 6th, 2014 at 3:11 AM

    are you sure the bottom is Dean Monroe?


  2. worxx November 9th, 2014 at 7:07 AM

    Interesting young man, very nice abs and a hefty tool, but topping? I want to see him bottoming with some daddies like Dean Monroe or Ricky Sinz!


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