Titch Jones’ Three-Pump Self Facial Steals The Show in “Hung Boys”

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I remember reading in a Matt Hughes interview once where he said that he didn’t usually get very good head. Hugh and his 11-inch cock broke onto the gay porn scene around 2008 and we were all gobsmacked at the size of this British lad’s meat. But Hughes confirmed what many of us already knew – few and far between are the cocksuckers who can take care of a really big dick.

Matt Hughes and his mighty meat are back in this Eurocreme compilation called “Hung Boys” and it features 23 Euro boys in seven ass-stretching scenes. And it includes Steven Prior, who is not only big, but thick, and Titch Jones, whose cock is as big as a baby’s arm. So if you like them huge, “Hung Boys” delivers some monster penises.

I checked out the Matt Hughes scene because it had been a while since I have seen him, I don’t think he’s filmed since 2012. Jak Williams is on his knees under a palm tree giving Hughes head, or trying to. It’s one of those just-the-tip sessions that Hughes likely complained about in his interview. Nathan Cox stumbles along and watches the two until he’s invited to join in. He takes over sucking duty and handles Matt’s meat better, but only just barely. He ends up just being the fluffer to get Hughes dick ready for Jak’s ass, which is much better at taking 11-inch cocks than his mouth. It’s marvelous.

And I couldn’t resist taking a peek at the Titch Jones scene. After trying and trying to suck Titch’s monster, Damien Esco opts to sit on it. He gets a good bit of it in his ass, but that last third is going to take some wiggling. He rests is head on Titch’s chest and moans while rocking back and forth on this humongous tool.

Even when Titch takes over and puts the lad on his back, he doesn’t manage to get much more that two thirds of his gargantuan bone inside Damien. Right near the end, when Damien is ready to blow his wad, his hole seems to relax and Titch shoves it in deep and makes Damien cum on his belly, and then it’s over.

But it’s not really over until monster cock cums, and boy oh boy, does Titch deliver an exciting blast. The first massive squirt leaps out of his cock and splash across his face, so does the second, and the third. Unbelievable. Three forceful jets on his own face, then one “weaker” squirt onto his chest and he’s empty. One of the most memorable loads I’ve ever seen. Titch Jones has four more movies in NakedSword, so I’ve got to an assignment for the weekend – seeing how many more times this lad cums on his face.

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  1. Desslock Steve November 11th, 2014 at 4:25 PM

    There’s nothing “titch” about Titch Jones.


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