Hairy Brute Nick Moretti Gives Luca Bondi A Sperm Donation

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Ricky Raunch’s “Sperm Donors” hit NakedSword this week and I love these blasts from the past. Every day we’re hit in the face with dozens of new porn scenes and DVDs, a guy can barely keep up – no matter how cum crazy he is. And I don’t even remember Nick Moretti and Luca Bondi fucking when they made this scene, so I’m happy to find it.

Nick Moretti is a bit of a sad case for me. He’s a ruggedly-handsome daddy, he’s lean and very furry, he’s hung and versatile, although I always preferred watching him top. He’s a sexy fucker who fueled many a wank in front of my computer. So why so sad? He doesn’t film anymore, well, not in front of the camera. He’s moved into production.

Luca Bondi takes a little bit of explaining too. He’s one of those performers who has worked under a couple of names. Luca Bondi is his bareback name, although Fabio Stallone is probably how he’s best known.

Bondi has a monster cock. It’s thick, curved, and covered in foreskin. I usually like watching him top, too, but when it comes to picking Moretti or Bondi, it’s not a contest in my fantasies – Moretti’s daddy cock is going inside Bondi’s beautiful fat ass.

And the sexy thing about this pairing is that Moretti is pale and covered with dark hair and Bondi is tanned and completely smooth – the juxtaposition is carnal.

Moretti drills Bondi doggy style and on his back. Bondi rides the top and Moretti wildly thrusts into Bondi’s ass and blows his load inside. He keeps pumping until his jizz slides down his cock and dribbles all over his balls. Then Bondi lies back and jacks his humongous dick and covers his abs with lots of sticky strings. Moretti licks them up and spits on Bondi’s ass, and shoves his meat in for a couple more pumps. Whew! I’m going to have a couple more looks at this one.

“Sperm Donors” features Chad Brock, Paul Stag, and Ben Venido in the first scene; Nick Moretti and Luca Bondi is the second; Sam Crockett tops Matt Sizemore in the third; Kriss Aston gets Champ Robinson’s huge dick; and Ray Dalton and Mason Garet bring up the rear in the last scene. You can watch them all at NakedSword.

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Watch the full movie on NakedSword!

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One response to Hairy Brute Nick Moretti Gives Luca Bondi A Sperm Donation

  1. Robert Alvarez November 4th, 2014 at 4:58 PM

    Interestingly enough, I had no idea that Luca Bondi and Fabio Stallone were the same man.

    And I fully agree with you, they are both gorgeous. I also prefer Nick Moretti as a top; but as a bottom, I definitely prefer Luca Bondi.

    Frankly, I AM surprised the two of them did not burn up the bed, the camera equipment and the whole set!


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