Rob Romoni: The Gay Porn Blog Interview

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Rob Romoni, Gay Porn StarI have to say I was really scared of Rob Romoni until I met him. Something imposing about his deep-set eyes and gia-normous muscles made me just assume he was going to be snobby or stand-offish. But he’s anything but!

By the end of the Wet Palms shoot, Rob and I were the best of pals (OK, kiiiiiiinda). He’s the just the sweetest. And a genuinely funny man. He would routinely have the cast and crew in stitches.What I find amazing is that he’s only been doing movies since 2002. Since then, he’s managed to do some amazing scenes (he’s great topping or bottoming), my favorites being the underwater orgy in Reload and his pairing with Jason Ridge in “Canvas”.

He’s finally going to get the recognition he deserves and become the porn superstar he truly is when the world sees him top Matthew Rush in Falcon’s “Taking Flight” in the scene that everyone is talking about.

Rob Romoni, Gay Porn Star

The GPB Interview

Single/Taken? Single.

Day time job? Creating world peace.

Hometown? New Jersey.

How can fans get in touch with you?

Do your parents know? Know what?

How did you come up with your Porn Name?I sought out the advice from hundreds of porn stars. After many weeks of heated talks we finally found a name. But we never thought how many would still spell it wrong.

Your first gay experience? One summer at camp.

Favorite porn sex scene that you’re in? “Taking Flight” from Falcon.

Favorite porn sex scene that you’re NOT in? Anything with the Rockland brothers.

Corniest line of porn dialogue you’ve had to deliver? “Did you ever think it would look that good, Look at how I suck cock!”

What was the first porn film you ever saw? I don’t remember the name but it had a lot muscle boys in it. That probably didn’t narrow it down at all.

Rob Romoni, Gay Porn StarName a sex act you haven’t tried? Getting tied up.

What do you think is your best asset? Eyes.

What do you think is your worst asset? Lips.

Worst habit? Waiting to the last minute to do something.

Celebrity you’d most like to bed? Mark Wahlberg.

Last Concert? Janet Jackson.

Secret Fear? Crowds.

Favorite Magazine? Entertainment Weekly.

What’s your workout routine like? I workout five times a week with cardio mixed in there.

Favorite non-porn movie sex scene?
Mark Wahlberg’s in “Boogie Nights”.

Favorite album to fuck to? I don’t need music to fuck to just the right guy. If its done right he will make me sing.

Can you cook? Anything frozen.

What’s in the future for you? A lot more acting and keeping myself grounded and happy.


Rob Romoni Filmography:
Addiction: Part 1 (Jocks)
Aftershock: Part 1 (Mustang)
Aftershock: Part 2 (Mustang)
Be A Man (Unzipped)
Big Ben (Catalina)
Bolt (Rascal)
Canvas (Red Devil)
Colton (All Worlds)
Fire Island Cruising 6 (Lucas Ent.)
Fivestar (Titan)
Homecoming (Studio 2000)
Hot Throb (Catalina)
Knight Spot (All Worlds)
Man Hunter (Centaur)
Nasty-Nasty (Red Devil)
Quarterback Sack (Jocks)
Reload (Colt)
Ruffin’ It (Odyssey)
The Seeker (Studio 2000)
Trucker (Massive)
[2] The Movie (Unzipped)

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