Movie of the Week: Hazed (Jocks Studios, 2001)

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Since I guess young boys across the country are enrolling in college and being faced with choices that will, no doubt, effect the rest of their lives, I would like to present this cautionary tale, courtesy of Jocks Studios.

It’s called Hazed and it tells the shocking tale — inspired by true events, for sure — of three young pledges and the unspeakable terrors they must endure under the cruel hand of pledgemaster Blake Harper, all in the name of social acceptance. And you thought “Mean Girls” was bad?At one point the pledges are forced to piss into dixie cups — and then drink apple juice, thinking that it’s their pee. The horror! (Like I wouldn’t pay money to drink a glass of Blake Harper’s piss? [Did I just say that out loud?] )

But wait, it gets worse. coverstar Matthew Rush, in full footballer drag, shows up post-game and majorly funky. Have no fear, the pledges are here — to lick off every last drop of sweat from La Rush’s royal buttcrack.

Kids today have it so easy.


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Hazed (2001) Jocks Studios

Starring Matthew Rush, Blake Harper, Jackson Price, Marc Nemeth, Tony Lazzari, Tristan Paris, Matt Majors, Brett Clarke, Ryan Zane and Andre Rivera.

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

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