Jason Adonis Leaves Falcon ‘Nest’

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News came earlier this week former muscle stud Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Jason Adonis was released from his contract by the legendary Falcon Family of Companies. Guess the promotion of fall release Night Flight, his first film with the company, will rest on the broad shouders of ex-fellow FLE Matthew Rush. While the much-promoted Adonis is now a free agent, brother Tristan is expected to stick around.I watched Man of the Year with a bunch of friends over the weekend, a Jet Set flick from his pre-FLE days. He interviews for a bunch of prospectives for a similar Jet Set-stylie Nomination — the coveted Jet Set ‘Man of the Year’ title. In the end, of course, he just ends up fucking everybody.

If the high-energy Adonis needs a place to crash, I know a place in West Hollywood with a vacancy. There’s no room service, but the clientele’s friendly enough and according to sources, he’s still in good with the manager.


Jason Adonis gay pornOK, of course I have to throw in my two cents about Mr. Adonis. I just saw “Taking Flight” and my infatuation with him grows. It’s hard for me to put in words. Something about his … masculine mystique? On the surface, he’s this big jocky muscle stud. But then he has this really feminine and beatific face. I got his autograph at a Falcon-sponsored event and he has this very boyish handwriting that I found utterly charming, but added to my obsession. Is he gay or straight? Usually, it’s just a marketing ploy, but with Jason, it’s like he manages to transcend into some in-between space. Plus, god, he has the most perfect butthole ever. It’s like a puckering little pink “o”. You can see what I’m talking about in Mirage, and American Porn Star.


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  1. bigone October 9th, 2004 at 2:46 AM

    i like dick


  2. kevin October 10th, 2004 at 2:42 PM

    u look so good i would eat u right alive u srexy hunk i love u and pls wright back


  3. kyle November 3rd, 2004 at 11:38 PM

    this is so funny because the first time that i saw jason adonis on american porn star and other subsequent jetset releases i thought, this boy should be working for falcon , and he is or was any comments? email me notaseriousaddress@hotmail.com

    PS – I am a young hot porn fan, so lets talk – – i would love to do porn but i have too much invested in a career


  4. raul February 1st, 2005 at 11:37 AM

    primero que nada me encantan sus producciones, y que decir de los actores que decir, pero se me hacen un muy deseables y a veces se son poco de ver en la vida real a mi mi sueño erotico es estar con alguno de ellos y haria lo que sea
    les felicito por las producciones


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