Sean Costin Owns Clay Anker’s Hole

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Today at GayHoopla, Sean Costin owns Clay Anker’s hole. As I remarked just last week, I love to see it when Sean Costin champions his own inner bottom at GayHoopla. As I was reminded of today, Sean Costin is a skilled top too. Clay Anker got the same memo. And the shaft.

sean costin own clay ankers hole
The steps to Clay’s hole included friction,

sean costin own clay ankers hole

sean costin own clay ankers hole
And deep rimming.

sean costin own clay ankers hole
Once the path was clear …

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From GayHoopla:
I’m not sure that Clay Anker was prepared for someone like Sean Costin! “I think he’s going to be a lot to handle!” Clay said with a little smirk as we headed to the house. “Why do you say that?” “I don’t know…I’ve seen a few of his films and he seems to be pretty dominant and he looks like he fucks pretty hard!” I laughed and smiled only because I knew he hit the nail on the head. “You’ll be fine, Sean knows what he’s doing and most models have told me it feels great to get fucked by Sean.” Clay was a little intimidated by the size of Sean but then again most people are. Once the two met they hit if off right away. Mainly because they are such different people and live in complete opposite worlds. Clay’s one request during the film was to have his ass eaten out and dildo’d first. He’s never had it done before and wondered what a warm tongue would feel like rubbing across his asshole. From the look on his face, I think it’s his new favorite thing before getting fucked. Add him to the list of satisfied models fucked by Sean!

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