The Hung And The Helpless: His 19″ Penis Makes His Life “Miserable”

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Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is a 52 year-old Mexican man with a big problem.

How big? Reportedly almost 19″ long with a circumference at the tip of 10″.

Cabrera laments to the Mexican newspaper Vanguardia that it scares off women and renders him unable to work.

He was hoping to be recognized in the “Guiness Book of World records,” but alas, there is no such category.

Some guys just can’t catch a break.

The Huffington Post adds:

Responding to English-language reports that much of the appendage is excess skin (he has not examined Cabrera), Dr. Philip Werthman, director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal in Los Angeles, told The Huffington Post that the man could perhaps be treated by a procedure akin to a “very big circumcision.”

However, the original report in the Mexican press made no mention of extra skin, so the nature of Cabrera’s penile growth remains unclear.

(h/t The Huffington Post)

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