Should It Be Brendan or Randy?

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I brought you the tweet from Sean Cody last Thursday

By the next day it was confirmed: Brandon.

sean cody brandon videos

That man taking his first dick in the ass will be a true porn event giving fans blue balls right through Black Friday. For all Sean Cody fans in general, and for Brandon fans in particular, this has been five years in the making and we they have the anticipation ratcheted up to maximum capacity along with the speculation: who will do the topping?

Sean Cody … please don’t fuck this and pair Brandon with some hapless twink or give one of the bottom boys an indiscriminate shot. This ass needs to be cracked by a someone deserving of the honor. Since we won’t know for sure who the cherry-picker is until midnight on Friday, this week GayPornBlog is having “topping auditions” on who would be UP for the ass at hand.

First to come to mind is Brendon. At 5’8″ to Brandon’s 6′, Brendan would add a sexy “Davey & Goliath” aspect to this already primal situation. And regardless of who ends up getting “first crack,” Brendan will always be the first to rim Brandon’s hole and get his ass pelted with a heavy load for his efforts …

[Watch Brendan’s Tongue Make Brandon Squirm]

Or should it be Randy? Big, handsome Randy with that big, handsome cock. He dicked Lane so good Lane was practically love in him by breeding time. The question is, is Randy and Randy’s dong too much for Brandon’s first time?

[Watch Brandon Totally Own Lane Via His Raw Hole]

We will be exploring other “options” all week-long. I would love to know you want to see as Brandon’s top.

More fun, fucking and guessing manaña Brandon fans!

It’s Another Masturbation Monday
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