Lucas Entertainment, A Rented Mansion & A Black Light: Lawsuit At 11

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"Lurid Digs" by Lucas Entertainment,

“Lurid Digs” by Lucas Entertainment,

Big props to our brother publication, The Sword, for breaking this juicy tidbit:

Michael Lucas Crew Alledegly Trashes AIRBNB Mansion During Porn Shoot, Owner Sues.

The gist of it; an owner discovers her renters left her mansion rather trashed. A Michael Lucas business card resurrected from the waste basket allowed the owner to connect the dots as to what exactly transpired causing such a mess. Presenting this lovely excerpt from her complaint:

Alarmed, Knapic says, she photographed her home with a black light, which “revealed the presence of bodily fluids throughout the property.”

“Urine, semen and fecal matter were found on the linens, carpets, upholstery, walls, ceilings and in the hot tub,” the complaint states. Knapic says she had to bleach and paint all the walls, bleach the hot tub, steam clean the carpets and upholstery, and simply get rid of some stuff.

Porn is like sausage, it’s best to simply appreciate the finished product and forget completely how it’s made.

The complete article is a well done, salaciously enjoyable guilty pleasure. Treat Yourself!

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