A Brute Goes Wild On Ryan Rose

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Brute’s thick, uncut dick gave Ryan Rose something big to chew on. But it was in Ryan’s hole that set their “Wild Weekend” in motion.

brute fucks ryan rose falcon wild weekendBrute didn’t just give Ryan something to chew on. That crown of skin offered Ryan something to nibble, lick, tease, stretch, and then bypass till Ryan’s chin was rubbing Brute’s balls.

brute fucks ryan rose falcon wild weekendOne of the few things more beautiful than the view of Ryan Rose’s golden hole is seeing it get invaded by a wet, hungry tongue. And with a hole like that, where the tongue goes, the dick must follow.

Standing doggie leads to Ryan having a seat and undulating his ass around and around on Brute’s dick, working it in deeper like a corkscrew. As Ryan’s pivots to face forward, the angle sent him right to the pleasure zone and his load flying across the floor.

brute fucks ryan rose falcon wild weekendThen, dropping to all fours, Brute skins back his fat dick as Ryan offers his ass as a landing pad for the heavy load that follows. Seems that “morning in America” is a much more liberating experience than Brute gave us credit for. And this “Wild Weekend” is just getting started.

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