The Most Epic Cum Shot Ever?

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“Then I looked down & I was wearing a white shirt.” ~Shaw

shaw daniel bareback sean codyLet’s talk about Shaw and take a moment to appreciate that ass. He was a heartbreaker for many right from his solo. He hasn’t really found his stride as a top. But when it comes to bottoming and just being open, this big man kisses, rims, sucks and takes a dick. He puts a lot of effort into being present in his scenes in a way Chase, Cory, and Kellin aren’t. <a href=”” “target=”_blank”>Props to him for that.

shaw daniel bareback sean codyThen there’s Daniel. He’s been responsible for some of the best Sean Cody scenes this year. But what Manny, Lane, Blake, and even Tanner have in common is the capacity to become his playtoys for the day. Shaw is not there yet. And the vibe was off. It’s like that Prick Santorium picture made out of dicks. From a distance, it works, but the closer you get, you see how fragmented it is.

shaw daniel bareback sean codyAnother trademark of Daniel’s is that he fucks like the Energizer bunny that has been popping Ritalin like they were Tic Tacs. Clearly, he got some direction to take it easy today. Without that aggression, his always enthusiastic vocals are off-puttingly over the top and Shaw’s are just wrong. He should have been told to dial them down a few notches and Shaw not to ratchet it up so many. Friend to friend, lowering the volume will greatly enhance your viewing experience.

Everything seems a wee bit choppy. Round two is less than four minutes and the BTS is three and one-half for example. They did cobble it together. There is plenty of awkwardness, but there is no flow. Except for the cum shots. Both rounds. Both Sets. And that’s something.

shaw daniel bareback sean codyOne thing is for sure. No jizz balls or stealth tubing. Daniel’s explosion on Shaw’s chest looks like a firehose attached to a milk truck that went rogue. If that didn’t grab all of the headlines, we’d be talking about Shaw’s second shot right below.

[Watch “Shaw & Daniel: Bareback” at Sean Cody] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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