What Bottoming For Sebastian Kross Is Really Like

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“I would have sat on that dick for an eternity.” ~Rex Cameron in a The Sword exclusive.

In looking at the first scene with Rex Cameron and Sebastian Kross from Hot House’s new series, “The Trainer”, one thing that struck me was how successfully director Nick Foxx took the physical intensity of a workout and realized that sexual energy on the screen. The very explosive results were of both the literal and figurative kind.

Even in the .gifs, it was clear, and Twitter took notice as well:

For the majority who have never been employed in the adult industry, the idea of filming a scene and the combined efforts that go into it doesn’t sound very much like actual work. But it is. And with any profession, some days are better than others.

This served as inspiration for Rex Cameron to shed some light on the “work” involved in this scene and also, to share the inside story of his first time working with Falcon Studios Group exclusive Sebastian Kross.

The Trainer: My ‘Meet Cute’ with Sebastian Kross
By Rex Cameron

sebastian kross fucks rex cameronI always find it quite amusing and frustrating when people tell me how easy they think it is to film gay adult films. Friends and fans alike seem to think it is a cake walk and that it must be fun to have sex for a living. Most fail to see how much work goes into making quality gay adult films. The fantasy of having sex all day doesn’t always ring true. It is hard work, all of your insecurities can be brought out of hiding, and filming can be quite intimidating. You expose all of your vulnerabilities having sex on film.

Not every shoot can be enjoyable. You won’t always have great chemistry with your scene partner. Imagine trying to stay hard for up to eight hours. Bottoming for shoots can be unimaginably difficult with having to take enormous dicks and having an assortment of “toys” being used on you (just watch my past Hot House scene “Pushing Limits” with Sean Zevran for reference). Not to mention the ever-present fear of ‘did I clean out good enough.’ Bottoms usually have extremely difficult positions to get the pounding of their life in, and the tops sometimes get catered to when it comes to comfortability. You also worry about your “performance” and your sebastian kross fucks rex cameronmannerisms. What else can I moan beside “ahhhhh fuck.” You pray to God that you look good and give good face. One word: hemorrhoids. With all that said, filming is an intense experience. Sometimes you get lucky, and you are left with an experience you will never forget.

When I arrived at the studio that day I was so excited and beyond nervous to film with THE Sebastian Kross. He was my dream scene partner and I never thought I would get the chance to work with him. I had no idea what to expect. Was he going to be nice? Would he act like a diva? Trust me it’s no fun to work with a diva porn star. I kept worrying that he would be disappointed with me. He was perfection in my book, and I was psyching myself out.

sebastian kross fucks rex cameronI met with Nick Foxx, who is in my humble opinion the most talented director in the gay porn industry, to go over our scene. He took me on a tour of our set for the day; which I discovered was a fully functioning CrossFit gym built in the soundstage. This he said was our playground for the day. It was created by the brilliant team at Falcon Studios. He walked me through the scene with his trademark exuberance and excitement. Next up, I met with photographer Kent Taylor. He helped me pick out my gym inspired outfit for the “acting” component of our scene; which by the way I would totally wear to a gym session in my personal life … wink. Kent always has a very comforting smile and goes out of his way to make everyone around him feel wanted and welcome. It was incredible seeing him again. I felt safe and supported. My nerves were beginning to dissipate.

Then HE walked in. Those beautiful blue-green eyes. That gymnast body bouncing towards me. At that moment I noticed it … that incredible smile. As soon as I saw that smile I KNEW this was going to be a very special shoot. It was one of those aura exuding smiles. A rare and special smile. We were introduced to each other and from the get go, he was so very gracious to me and the entire crew. We formally had our “meet cute.” Nonstop laughs and talking. Both Sebastian and I were in absolute awe of our set. There was this unbelievable energy floating around the set that day. It was such a light, fun, and supportive atmosphere.

sebastian kross fucks rex cameronSebastian was genuinely interested in getting to know me and we ended up talking at length while getting prepped for the scene. I found him fascinating. This is a man who could have been and acted like the biggest diva. He is one of the industry’s top performers. He has a substantial following. Never once did he act above anyone on set. I was enamored. Before the scene, we hung out in the dressing room, and he talked to me about his passion: music. He took his laptop out and taught me all about mixing songs. One detail that should not be omitted was that we did all this while fluffing ourselves for the scene. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life for the humor in it and because it was just two guys bonding over music and beating off.

The scene featured the two of us in heavily athletic and challenging positions. I mean how many people can say they 69’ed while hanging from gymnast rings upside down? Or got railed on top of a medicine ball for that matter? Not to spoil the full video for anyone, but it will make sense after having viewed the complete scene. Sebastian and I jumped right in. Nick was there supporting and guiding us. We were all a team. I indeed felt vulnerable, but in the best way possible. Sebastian gave me the ass eating of my life and at one point he let the crew know that I had just given him the best blowjob of his life. Hearing that from a straight guy that does gay porn; well it’s priceless. There were some breaks during the sex scenes that he stayed inside of me. We talked and touched and were just at the moment.
sebastian kross fucks rex cameron hot house

Yeah, I would have sat on that dick for an eternity.

[Watch Rex Cameron & Sebastian Kross in “The Trainer” scene one]

The Sword would very much like to thank Rex Cameron for his time and insight in crafting this post and sharing his on-set pics exclusively with us. Rex shared most of his filming experiences have been positive ones. But traversing the modern reality of social media has not always been easy for our community. He’ll be weighing in on that next. Watch this blog!


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