Micah Brandt Is A Dirty Man

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Brendan Phillips isn’t much help getting Micah Brandt to clean up his act. But “ass” it turns out, it’s Brendan that needs to clean up.

micah brandt brendan phillips hot houseMicah Brandt doesn’t need to utter a word to say, “let’s fuck!”

micah brandt brendan phillips hot houseHe saves his lips for other things. Just take in this view. This is exactly why Hot House is called the ass authority.

micah brandt brendan phillips hot houseMicah spews a huge load onto Brendan’s ass cheeks then smears in deep. With Micah’s finger working his ass, Brendan lets loose his nut. Micah laps up it and works his way upwards until their lips meet and they taste Brendan’s cum together. Teamwork is not a lost art afterall, especially for “Bathhouse Ballers”.

[Watch Brendan Phillips & Micah Brandt in “Bathhouse Ballers” scene one] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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