Mick Stallone & Jason Vario Make A Fuck-Sandwich With Bruce Beckham

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Mick is a newcomer. And by the time he’s been worked over by the fat dicks of Jason Vario and Bruce Beckham, he’s earned the surname of “Stallone:” this hairy Canuck takes these big, bad boys like a champ.

bruce beckham jason vario mick stallone raging stallionThe cameras then go to work as the men put in motion what they just described. It all starts when Jason stands up and his massive cock swings through the air like a baseball bat. Two words: game on.

bruce beckham jason vario mick stallone raging stallionJason is deep throating Bruce while Mick lubes his hole. Once Jason moves behind, Bruce plows forward into Mick and thrusts back and forth from the middle of a fuck-sandwich that only amplifies the sexual intensity permeating the room and being acted out on each other.

bruce beckham jason vario mick stallone raging stallionSwitching it up, Mick’s ass gets stretched by Jason while Bruce’s cock does the same thing to his throat. Mick taps out and strokes his cock as Jason beats his thick load onto Bruce’s muscular ass as Bruce unleashes his cum on Jason’s chest. Once Mick lets loose with his gusher across his hairy, washboard abs, every ‘Object of Desire” is, for this moment, very well objectified.

[Watch Mick Stallone, Bruce Beckham & Jason Vario in “Object of Desire” scene one] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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