Jim Kerouac And Nothing But

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Jim Kerouac. You’ve got to love the guy’s cock – it’s big, deliciously thick, and sporting foreskin — and he loves using it on horny bottoms. If you like Kerouac, you’ll have him all to your self in the latest Bel Ami release called “Jim” that debuted last week at NakedSword. He’s joined by Kevin Warhol, Billy Cotton, Luke Hamill, and Florian Nemec.

Kevin and Jim are in the first scene. Seeing Warhol’s hand wrapped around Jim’s bone gives you a good idea how big the stud’s cock really is – or maybe Warhol just has small hands. Jim sits back and Kevin works his hard-on and the two do that tongue flicking thing that Eastern Euros think is kissing. After a few minutes of stroking, Jim’s cock explodes all over his ripped abs.

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The guys head into the shower to clean up, then Kerouac is ready for round two. He bends Warhol over the bathroom vanity and plays with his hole, getting it ready for his fat tool. The guys suck each other on the bathroom floor, then Kevin can’t stand it anymore and they head for the bed. He sits on Kerouac and the stud thrusts up into his hole.

Kerouac takes over and gives Kevin a super-hard drilling doggy style, then he pushes Kevin on his back for the cum finale. With Jim ramming his hole, Kevin squirts juice all over his belly, then he offers his mouth for Jim’s second load, which is every bit as big and thick as the first. And Kevin strokes and licks and plays until Jim’s hard-on is a sticky and frothy mess, which he smears all over his sweet lips. It’s delicious. Watch all four scenes of “Jim” at NakedSword.

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