Rocco Steele versus Jake Marshall – Who Is The Best Daddy?

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I like daddies. And Nick Moretti’s “Raw Fuckin’ Heat” has two sexy daddies bookending this four-scene DVD. I can’t choose between Rocco Steele and Jake Marshall, they’re different kinds of daddies, each sexy in his own way, the only thing they share in common is that they’re tops – and good ones. So I have to watch both scenes.

Rocco Steele is fairly new to gay porn, he’s been at it for less than a year, but his 10×7 cock has very quickly become legendary. As the first scene opens, he kisses Aaron Slate, a young lad who is standing knee deep in the pool. I’m always interested to see how these cocksuckers do with Rocco’s monster cock, I have only seen a couple of guys who have been able to swallow very much of it. Most, like Aaron, uses their hands a lot and mainly suck Rocco’s cock head. But every so often Aaron gulps down nearly half of it.

The men head for a blanket on the grass and I’m really impressed when Rocco slides his dick into Aaron’s ass. The lad is down on all fours and he’s presenting his very furry butt to daddy who inches his cock head inside, then he just keeps on going until he’s balls deep. I wonder what dildo Aaron used to get ready for that. For the finale, Aaron rocks on Rocco’s dick until he unloads a pretty impressive load on daddy’s chest.

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As much as I love Steele and fantasize about his bone, I think I liked the Jake Marshall and Sean Storm scene better. Jake is sexy, grey-haired man, he’s bearded and handsome, and he’s packing a big-enough cock that’s a little on the thick side. But most important, he knows how to use it.

Giant cocks are a turn-on to look at it and even fun to fantasize about, but when I watch a cocksucker working a bone, I like to see them make a man’s entire cock disappear down their throat – Sean Storm does that. He worships Jake’s thick meat. He licks it and kisses it; he sucks, gulps, and deep throats it; he even smells it.

And likewise, Jake pushes his whole hard-on into Sean’s hole and judging by the grunting and groaning, it’s stretching Sean’s ass good. Jake likes fucking guys on their bellies, he almost always starts in that position, then Sean sits on it, then missionary, and finally, Sean is back on his belly and daddy is leaning on his back and pumping hard until he spunks Sean’s ass crack.

The two middle scenes of “Raw Fuckin’ Heat” feature Brett Bradley fucking Trit Tyler with his huge dick and Ethan Palmer bottoming for Jimmie Slater in another outdoor scene. So have a look at “Raw Fuckin’ Heat” at NakedSword, and if you’re daddy lover like me, let me know who was your favourite in the comments below.

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