Here’s A Different Way To Get Through The Holidays

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I’m not a fan of Christmas. All that false joy and commercialism makes me want to hide. So when I saw “Fucking Holidays 2” in the line-up at NakedSword this week, it sounded like my kind of movie. Forget about the chestnuts and the open fire, I want to watch young guys playing with giant cocks.

The first scene features a tiny, blond guy trying his best to swallow a huge dick. It belongs to a dark-skinned Latin stud who is sitting back watching this cocksucker working his bone. He spreads his legs wide and holds this blow boy’s head and thrusts his dick up into his mouth. Hard. But this only gets him in the mood for fucking ass.

In the bedroom, Jose lies back on the bed and Marco straddles him and sits on his huge dick. Jose spends the next few minutes thrusting Marco’s hole. Then the scene flips and Marco is sitting on a different guy’s bone, let’s call him Nicholas. He’s drilling up into Marco’s ass just as hard, then Jose returns from wherever he was and the pair stuff their big dicks in Marco’s mouth and ass.

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Jose and Nicholas are pretty rough with Marco, Jose is fucking him hard again while Nicholas holds his head and pumps down his throat. Then they decide it’d be fun to fuck Marco at the same time. He climbs on top of Jose and sits on his dick, then Nicholas scoots in behind. Most double penetration scenes fail miserably with one dick or the other constantly slipping out, but these two tops take turns ramming Marco’s over-stuffed hole and keep their hard-ons inside. It’s impressive.

The guys take a break and spit roast their bottom, then they’re back to pounding him in another double penetration scene, but this time Nicholas on the bottom and Jose is squatting behind and ramming. They’re aggressive on Marco’s ass, but he’s not begging them to stop. The guys head out of the balcony and Marco lies back in a chair while Jose and Nicholas unload all over his face. Jose’s load is bigger and Marco sighs deeply when it creams his cheek. Now that’s how I’d like to spend my Christmas holiday.

“Fucking Holidays 2” has five scenes that you can watch at NakedSword and there are another six scenes and another 12 guys in “Fucking Holidays.”

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