Colby Keller Enlightens Will Braun The Hard Way

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The new series, “The Cult,” was unveiled today and starts right out of the gate with the perfect casting of artsy and cerebral Colby Keller and the irresistible awkwardness of Will Braun. Will plays a lost boy who runs across guru Colby Keller seeking enlightenment and gets a whole lot more.

Both Colby Keller and Will Braun display some admirable acting action chops in their roles. This leads to some very real sexual tension. This underscored by the fact Colby Keller is looking spectacular: confident, handsome, toned and ready. As for Will …


When a new-ish bottom is taking a self-piloted helicopter ride as he dopes about the 154 minute mark, fasten your seat belts …

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Will Braun is a troubled youth with no place to stay. Will is more than a little lost in his head and the world. He needs to be enlightened. Fate offered him the perfect twist of fate and perhaps, much,much more. Prophet Colby Keller offers to show him the way by inviting him to his sanctuary deep in the forest. Colby explains that to find the truth, young Will must first get naked and take his big cock deep in his sexy hole.

Meat Colby Keller:

Colby is a strong well-chiseled man who looks like he jumped off the page of a Tom of Finland drawing. Colby Keller has been a porn regular since the age of 21 when he appeared online with Sean Cody. He was then snapped up by Titan and made several movies with the studio before going on to work with other major studios like Falcon. Colby is a scruffy stud that has always brought more than expected on the set and off. Colby Keller has starred in Golden Gate Season 2 and was cast as part of NakedSword’s Dream Team. He fucks he’s a dynamo you can’t stop watching him go … and we hope you never have to.

Meat Will Braun:

Will Braun happened on the porn scene in 2013 when he went from a virgin skater to giving Austin Wilde a mouthful in his first ever scene which was at GuysInSweatpants. Last February, Will Braun was signed as an exclusive for and was featured in a scene with Jimmy Fanz. Will Braun is almost as well known for his spectacles as his testicles and endearing boyish awkwardness. Dubious of his own sexuality, he was listed as “verstile” and fans rejoiced in August when Christen Wilde plundered his hairy cherry. His hole has not been lonely every since.

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