Been Waiting For This Since We Were Kids!

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Smart boys who like superheroes grow up to be men who lust after them. Even in the comics.

I don’t always like everything they do or how they do it. But when it comes to “Batman V Superman : A Gay XXX Parody” as mentioned yesterday, is pulling out all of the stops ahead of the Friday premiere. Right down to dirty toons that accompany each scene. Like this one.

superman xxx gay comics
My fellow Photopshop dorks may try and dismiss this as just a quick job using “poster edge” and other filters. But even they know it takes a lot of time and ability to assemble a large collaged piece like this. Props to all parties concerned.

superman xxx gay comics
I am a fan of Alter Sin’s work to begin with. If as much attention has been paid to the quality of the sex as to details like this, “Batman V Superman : A Gay XXX Parody” could really be something.

We’ll know Friday!
topher dimaggio gay superman
See you then for the trailer with Topher Dimaggio, Damien Crosse, Trenton Ducati, and Francesco D’Macho. Yes, Paddy O’Brian will be along at some point. Consider that a preview of cumming attractions.

Especially for those of you in the ComicCon set, what did you think of this?


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