Diego Sans: Smooth or Hairy?

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Zaq Wolf is making his Men.com debut today with Diego Sans in “Miami Beat Part 2.”

gay porn star zaq wolf
The inset picture is from “Men In Canada Part 1” at the beginning of the month. It was so hot, it made Carter Dane an overnight gay porn sensation. Between then and now, Diego’s hair met with the trimmers and his body met with a razor. Shaved or smooth, Diego’s body is a work of art to be sure, but I miss the fur all the same.

But when it comes time to watching Diego drill an ass, nothing spoils the view of that. Or the sight of Diego blowing a load over those perfect abs be they hairy, smooth, or in between.

[Watch Zaq Wolf and Diego Sans in “Miami Beat Part 2”]


All is well is the world, guys. Marc MacNamara, the director of “Miami Beat Part 2,” let TheSword know Diego’s hair is alive, well, and growing.

Even if this wasn’t my favorite scene, any combination of Marc MacNamara and Diego Sans is better than the next few that follow.

So with that all cleared up, Diego gets the last word

[Watch Zaq Wolf and Diego Sans in “Miami Beat Part 2”] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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One response to Diego Sans: Smooth or Hairy?

  1. Maax April 2nd, 2016 at 9:18 PM

    Hairy… Always refreshing to see a porn model who actually looks like a man. Trim is ok but tired of all the over plucked cookie cutter models… Esp if they shave their pubes.. Don’t want a 10 year old


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