Luke Adams Learns The In’s & the “Out!” From Dirk Caber

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In this scene from “Out,” we learn “O-kau ni irete smiru!” means “Put it in your mouth … and smile!” in Japanese. Luke Adams also discovers what that means from Dirk Caber by demonstration rather than translation.

Keith Webb, who penned the script along with Jesse Jackman, also had a favorite part. “When Dirk tries to kiss Luke for the first time. Luke pulls back a little shocked and says “I’ve just never kissed a guy before.” Then Dirk leans in and gives him a big fat passionate smooch. Luke made it look like it was his first ever man-kiss … Schwing!”

As for my favorite part, that would be watching Luke Adams’ plump rump slide up and down on Dirk’s home base while Dirk’s real life husband Jesse Jackman is looking down on them from his poster on the wall. That, guys, is what we call a ball game. Or as they say at TitanMen, you’re “Out!”

[Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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