Gay Porn Just Got All Schock-ed Up

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Aaron Schock is the former Republican Congressman — and current closet case — who flashed his abs on the cover for Men’s Health then decorated his office as a shrine to Downton Abbey. Anti-gay (he voted against the repeals of both DADT and DOMA) Schock was at one time considered to be one of the GOP’s most promising young stars and prolific fundraisers. Until that is, he was forced to resign in disgrace last March.

aaron schock gay parody

Please join me in celebrating the karmic irony that his fall from grace had nothing to do his sexuality whatsoever. He even kept gallivanting his gay ass around the Beltway after he was practically outed on Facebook. He was taken to task for betraying the community he was too scared to be a part of by the well-respected journalist, and proud gay man, Itay Hod.

Aaron Schock involuntarily resigned because of his own political maleficence by misusing tax paper dollars. And a lot of them. Period. He has racked up $2.7 million in legal fees, as federal prosecutors pursue him in criminal grand jury proceedings and a court fight over document production.

I will stop saying this only when it stops being true: in porn as in life, timing is everything. Guess who just emerged from his self-imposed social media time-out, once again refuting the reality the world will not let him forget:

Personally, I am not a fan of female pronouns for anything with what I assume is a functioning penis, but even I have to say, “Oh give it up, gurl.” I am not alone. TitanMen recently announced their new production of the blue screen Shock saga parody, Cauke for President. It will hit their website in about three weeks. Their press release hit the same day Shock’s return tweet did. As this is right in my wheel house, I shamelessly begged persuaded director Jasun Mark for matthewbosch350one of our now not-so-secret double-secret previews. Guys, unzip right now and mark your calendars for the February 1, 2016 premiere. That date just happens to coincide with the Republican Iowa Caucuses. Remember what I said about timing being everything?

This has been in works since the fall and stars TitanMen exclusive Matthew Bosch as the “hot, homophobic senator” named Mike Cauke. Senator Cauke has a clandestine homo-hookup that as it comes to light, sets off a chain reaction of political intrigue sex. The film follows the sexploits of Senator Cauke, his cock, and those of his campaign team as they attempt to quash the truth before it becomes a national punchline.

TitanMen has electronically placed its fictional senator into an office reminiscent of Schock’s former “splendid” digs and recreated some of Schock’s signature self-ingratiating social media posts. “Senator Cauke” (say the name to yourself with a Boston accent) is out there as if he were the real deal on Twitter, Instagram, and of course his own official campaign website and branded merchandise online store. Fucking brilliant! Hell, doesn’t that make his candidacy at least as viable as Ben Carson’s?

Jasun Mark also told GayPornBlog exclusively that making cameo appearances in the movie will be recognized gay journalist and podcaster Matt Baume, Youtube star Gay Comic Geek, and Joe Jervis from JoeMyGod. Providing the sex will be a veritable juggernaut of testosterone. Joining Matthew Bosch will be fellow TitanMen exclusives Dallas Steele, David Benjamin, and Nick Prescott plus Tex Davidson, Adam Ramzi, and Luke Adams.

[Right This Way To Reserve Your Ticket For Cauke for President While Watching Jailbreak & All Of The Best From TitanMen]

Remember guys, in 304 days when it will be time to cast your ballots …

aaron schock gay parody

Cauke for President! And meet me back here February 1st for the movie premiere!

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  1. MikeCauke January 9th, 2016 at 12:02 PM

    We all need more Cauke in 2016! Join Donald on the Cauke Crusade!


    • Hman January 10th, 2016 at 6:27 AM

      What’s a little bus envy between friends? !


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