2016 Is The Year to “Sexperiment”

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The human body is pretty miraculous. Especially the male version. So many nooks and crannies. Inches that can grow from condo to condominium. When properly stimulated that is. But the body does not cum with an owner’s manual. There is only one way to find out exactly what kind of stimulation your craves.

sexperiment from nakedsword

You need to Sexperiment. Sexperiment, the latest from NakedSword Originals, takes us all on a sexual odyssey of just how much pleasure one man can bring to another when they are both open — and willing — to find out.

As mr. Pam explains, “The whole theme of the movie is experimenting with different ways of shooting sex — basically to try out different styles for some of the big features NakedSword has planned for 2016. The scenes had a really indie-film feel to the way I shot it.

“We also shot Mickey Taylor’s new music video, which will accompany our big movie of the year, Fame Game, which comes out in November, for his song called ‘Pain.’

“The second scene with Killian and JP Dubois was really really piggy, with a lot of toys, ass play, and Rocco’s scene with JD Phoenix was really piggy too. They had been fuck buddies the last couple years and I just really wanted to capture that raw energy they have. That scene was inspired by the stark contrasts in the way Treasure Island Media movies are shot.”

full deck

NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor is joined by Killian James, Rocco Steele, JD Phoenix, Chris Harder, JP Dubois, Alex Killborn, and Jacob St. Ladder as they navigate their individual journeys in four vignettes that showcase how every man, and every couple, has to make their own journey to carnal bliss.

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sexperiment from nakedsword
“Come Back To Bed – I’m Hard,” with Chris Harder and Alex Killborn will start the sexperimentation later today. Meet me back here around dinnertime for the Sexperiment premiere and we’ll take a look together.

NakedSword Originals Adds:

No story. No script. No frills. NakedSword boldly strips it all away and starts naked with Sexperiment – an exploration in new ways to capture sizzling gay sex on film. Shot entirely on location in New York City, Sexperiment features four distinct vignettes starring some of the industry’s hottest men. Chris Harder & Alex Killborn play out a Saturday morning boyfriend fantasy with a twist. Sometimes a doe-eye’d twink surprises everyone, even his butch fuck-buddy.

Fashion meets fetish when a photo shoot turns into a Sexperiment between NakedSword Exclusive Mickey Taylor and mysterious designer Jacob St. Ladder. These two love high fashion almost as much as they love sucking dick and fucking ass. The ultimate no-strings fuck fantasy comes to life as JP Dubois lies on the bed with his ass in the air. NakedSword Exclusive Killian James narrates the action as dominates JP’s greedy hole. And finally, JD Phoenix gets home to find his apartment door busted open. Fearing the worse he discovers the best: Rocco Steele stroking his thick 10” dick. JD’s 22-year old hole starts to quiver when Rocco says “I’ve been waiting for you boy…” Sit back and get ready for an avant-garde erotic adventure in Sexperiment.
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