Will YouTube Kill the Gay Porn Star?

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The new, decidedly low-fi Radiohead video takes me back to the crude early days of the music video, a time when new avenues of distribution (i.e. MTV) and cheap equipment had everyone making videos. The videos were not so great but an important step in the evolution of the medium as erstwhile directors mastered video production.

It’s a time not unlike now — only video production has gotten even cheaper, the distribution platforms (i.e. YouTube) even more accessible, and the videos people are producing are even cruder. Only music videos have a point: To sell albums … This latest batch of YouTube videos made by porn star-produced videos does little to sell anything. Fumbling with their MacBooks as they race to create the next Britney opus, which I thought was the lowest, but it appears we’ve got a ways down to go:

“COLT Man Carlo Masi Loves Horses” (Carlo Masi)
Carlo Masi’s YT offerings are some of my favorites. There’s something charming about the lovably Flintstonian semi-English captions, despite the content re-inventing the concept of banality.

Early music videos were criticized for over reliance on the Chroma Key. Let’s hope our newest crop of budding video directors don’t get carried away with iMovie’s built-in special effects.

ErikRhodes (Erik Rhodes)
The Newly Minted Mrs. Marc Jacobs “accidentally” hit record while listening to a Nine Inch Nails track and voila … (however unwittingly, it references The Replacement’s most excellent Bastards of Young video.)

Erik Rhodes Is Going Through It (Jason Curious)
We know it’s your first attempt, but did you shoot this through a dryer sheet? And sorry to break it to you but the interpretive dance doesn’t really kick up the production values any.

Wolf Hudson & Rob Romoni: Dear Santa (Wolf Hudson)
As far as bottoms and heaps go, it’s hard to imaging getting any lower than this. Crystal and YouTube can kill a career.

Responding to Sagat, Part Deux
Responding to Sagat
Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel
GayPornTube: … No Comment

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2 responses to Will YouTube Kill the Gay Porn Star?

  1. Jackie Boy. February 15th, 2008 at 9:19 AM

    Aw, Francois closes his YouTube down.


    I wanted some Chroma-filter Manson action!


  2. yeea!! February 17th, 2008 at 9:57 AM

    YEA YEA injoy


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