Where in the World is Collin O’Neal?

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collin%20o%27neal%20oral.jpgLately, the only person who pops up in my inbox more than Steve Cruz is Collin O’Neal, though who knows how he has time to email with all his globe-trotting. This summer he was nearly arrested in the Dominican Republic, until he escaped to Serbia then maybe Nicaragua and definitely Vegas. He got bombed in Turkey last week cementing him as gay porn’s Carmen Sandiego. Or maybe it’s the Little Prince. In addition to bearing the white man’s burden, Collin is also a horny fucker so he’ll now be producing four scenes a month in addition to his movies for his revamped (“liberated,” our well-hung Che says) website.

Collin has opinions about everything: the future Palestine, seat assignments in a Boeing 777, work ethic, web design, and your business. It’s charming and you can imagine him as a little inquisitive kid, except now he’s a hairy neo-sailor with a potential star in every port. According to Collin, this keeps him from having to hire exclusives for his new company, as all the men are hidden in spider-holes. Who knows how he smokes them out, but try to find someone else who’s trying to shoot in UN Peacekeeping Zones. He’s in Greece now, but any day I suspect we’ll be hearing about Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: East Timor.

Below, a few pics from his recent shoot in Turkey, first in the museum near the bombing and later in, no doubt, some rebel army safe house.




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