Breaking Brandon: It’s Tanner!

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Well guys, I hope you enjoyed “Break Brandon” The Home Game as much as I did. We’ll have to wait until Friday at midnight to see it, but the top has been let out of the condom … and of course, I mean that literally!

Set your sundials Brandon fans – when the clock strikes midnight on Friday, strike this link, unzip, and enjoy the five-tears and 10,000 tweets in the making Tanner taking Brandon’s cherry!

So guys, I am not sure whether this was to hone us in — or throw us off — but another cryptic clue was dropped on twitter yesterday as to who might be Brandon’s ass cracker on Friday at midnight.


There is Randy, who “auditioned” for the task on Monday along with Brendan. While Brendan isn’t in the picture above, he sure is on everyone’s list. Is he too odious a choice or was he omitted “accidentally on purpose to fuel the speculation? Yesterday, I brought you another pair of worthy cherry-takers, Abe and Jack. If we adjust according to the graphic, Abe still has a shot and firing the shot. Jack and Brendan can console themselves today at what might have been and add two to the mix: Brodie and Tanner.

Yes, Brandon has already plundered the asses of Brodie and Tanner. This would be a heullva payback. Would Sean Cody re-work a pairing after all this build up?

Every since Brodie returned to Sean Cody with more power in that ass to wreak havoc on a hole, the things he could do to Brandon. Take a look at the thing he just did to Joey: pounded his prostate so hard that Joey’s popped his cork without even touching his dick.

[See Brodie Pound a Hands Free Load Out of Joey]

But what about Tanner? Yes, what about Tanner? The fact he has been featured in just about as many Sean Cody scenes as anyone and we’re still clamoring for more. Tanner elevated bottoming into an art form when Brandon reamed the fuck out of his ass. Which bring up the possibility we have discussed yet – what if it’s a flip? Just to remind you how hot a Tanner flip is, take a look at how it went down with David …

[Watch the Insane Flip of Tanner and David]

Happy Wednesday, Guys. See you all tomorrow with a couple more ideas of who might be using their “turkey baster” on Brandon Friday!

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