Wet Palms, Sharon Kane and Free Gay Porn Clips

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My new favorite hero is Sharon Kane. She’s one of the few lone female actors in gay porn, she’s done over 600 straight and lesbian hardcore porno. In gay porn, she usually sticks to supporting parts. Sometimes, in movies like Echoes (the gay porn send-up of Stir of Echoes), they make her look freaky. In real life – even before we dressed her up like a chic drag queen (a woman playing a man playing a woman) – she looked stellar. And her lips are great — there’s just no denying it. She’s like Lil’ Kim that way.Jack’s busy prepping Rob Romoni and Ashton Sorrenson for their big scene. Jack and I played an impromtu game of Spunk’d, and we caught them having a late night romp in the pool. Rob’s a big beefy Jack Nicholson and Ashton’s a 23-year old German kid. They are very cute. You’ll see.

In the meantime, here’s some free porn from Falcon Studio‘s Drenched 2. You deserve it.

56k|100k|350k (free gay porn clips courtesy NakedSword.com)

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    i m a gay and i love him


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