Gay Porn Shoot: Wet Palms, Day 6

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Wet Palms.jpgIt’s hot — late July in Los Angeles in no joke. The dual Jet Set/Naked Sword.comproduction of Wet Palms is heating up. The sex is getting increasingly sweaty and I’m increasingly horny. Screaming producers, last minute rewrites, off-screen sex scandals and a tight shooting schedule are all lending to a crazy day.Rob Romoni.jpgThe good news is that the the footage looks fuckin’ fantastic. Jack’s shooting a ton of bonus material for the DVD and I’m currently in hiding. I think he wants to wring my neck for stealing his man. Thankfully, Michael Soldier is here and looking hella fine. Rob Romoni (the best ass in the business) gave me a back massage and Bret Wolfe let me play with his nipples. Gotta love those big-dick’d bottoms — always aiming to please.


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    We are obsessed with it.


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