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Around 1998 I used to see posts from an amateur pornographer named Timo on a gay video discussion forum. I was working at at the time and contacted him to start showing his videos on the site (and he’s been getting nice checks from them ever since).

Through watching Timo‘s videos, I learned to appreciate the genre of “amateur” porn videos that are personal, humorous and “real”. I even used some of his ideas in my own videos. He also keeps an online diary, called a “blog”, and linked to a blog called Sturtle. I didn’t know anything about blogs, but I was facinated by reading intimate details about these guys.

I kept reading Sturtle for years not knowing any other blogs existed. Then suddenly in 2003 blogs became all the rage, and I somehow decided to check out another blog linked to Sturtle’s blog, which turned out to be none other than the patron saint of gay bloggers, Jonno. Jonno’s original personal blog is “on hiatus while it’s being redesigned”. In the meantime, enjoy his other project Fleshbot and GayFleshbot.

Fast forward to yesterday, and I get an email from Timo:

Subject: How Do I Get Listed on GayPornBlog?

I’m an award-winning porn actor, acclaimed writer, director, producer… all-around cock-sucker… and I’ve kept an online diary every single day for over three years.
Please check out “Vidkid Timo’s Online Diary”
The URL is:
Thanks so much for your consideration,

After explaining to him that he needed to prove the “all-around cock-sucker” part in person, I reminded him who I am. We’ve exchanged links, I still love his videos and highly recommend them. Here’s links to some recent movies:

Pueris Collection 38
Pueris Collection 37
Pueris Collection 36

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