Two Of Sean Cody’s Latest Are Real-Life Boyfriends

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Two hot, out gay guys on successive Mondays at Sean Cody might have been noteworthy if it weren’t for this: Asher and Deacon are real-life boyfriends.

There was no StiffCompetition last Monday as Deacon was one of the hottest new models we’ve seen at Sean Cody since Brysen or Nixon. When I said at the time, “he checks off more boxes in the ‘new perfect boyfriend’” than anyone we’ve meant recently, how true that proved to be. He checked off those boxes for Asher a couple of years ago and now, they’re going public.

gay boyfriends asher deacon sean codyI’m not sure Sean Cody was 100% behind the revelation. GayDailyHot first reported that shortly after Deacon’s solo dropped, Asher tweeted “that’s my man.” Shortly thereafter, his twitter was shut down. Mostly likely, Sean Cody put the kibosh on that.

gay boyfriends asher deacon sean codyEven for established porn stars, their day jobs can pose an extra degree of difficulty on a relationship. But since they were both confident enough in the strength of their coupling for this to happen in the first place, here’s hoping that’s the only kind of kiboshing Sean Cody will play in their lives.

Deacon did say in his solo that he used to be a strict top until his current boyfriend “showed me the ways of bottoming and I don’t think I would ever want to stop. Now, we know who is boyfriend is.

gay boyfriends asher deacon sean codyLike Deacon, Asher is very upfront and we learn immediately he’s out and proud. We also learn he “likes to play with my hole a lot” as well as “liking to play with butts a lot too.” And from we already know from his boyfriend, he speaks the truth.

gay boyfriends asher deacon sean codyAnd the video brings that home more than anything else: actions speak louder than words. Asher loads his own hole with his heavy nut after the first round. In the second, there’s a dildo up Asher’s ass that doesn’t get released until he gets his release.

gay boyfriends asher deacon sean codyNow having boyfriends on Sean Cody is unprecedented. But since not pairing models together more than once if one of the few “old Sean Cody” rules they have stuck with, a pairing of these two in a flip will be hopefully coming to a blue screen near us sooner rather than later. As for their journey after that individually and together, Asher and Deacon are just getting started. Watch this blog.

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