JJ Knight’s Hot Rod Explodes In Christian Taylor’s Face

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Greaser JJ Knight enlists the help of nerdy Christian Taylor for his term paper. But in reality, it’s Christian who gets a crash course in wood shop.

With slicked back hair and a slicked up dick, JJ Knight swaps his homework for a pink slip on all of Christian’s holes in this second scene from Trenton Ducat’s directorial debut in “Greasers” from NakedSword Originals.

Bad boys are good at something. It’s just not their studies. And Christian Taylor is about to experience one particular area in which this bad boy excels: tearing up a hole.

jj knight fucks christian taylor greasers nakedswordHaving made the rounds at GayCasting and Colby’s Crew, Christian literally hits the big time with JJ Knight today. Like Kyler Ash and Kory Houston in the first scene from “Greasers”, Trenton leads another performer to his first scene for NakedSword Originals – and with equally explosive results.

jj knight fucks christian taylor greasers nakedswordIn today’s update to the flashback fuck fest told through a modern lens, they quickly get down to the real business at hand. Christian soon finds himself with the head of JJ’s dick making nice-nice with the back of his throat. Did he realize he wasn’t just sucking that pipe but slicking it up for where it’s going next? Hell yeah, he did. He’s the smart one afterall.

jj knight fucks christian taylor greasers nakedswordMoving to the bedroom, JJ works his lips from one set of Christian’s lip to the other before impaling himself in Christian’s hole that proves to be as hungry as it is resilient.

jj knight fucks christian taylor greasers nakedswordKeeping his dick lodged deep, JJ scoops up Christian mid-fuck and stays inside as he takes his turn on the bed and offers Christian a chance to drive. Well, more like ride. Even for a newly bossy bottom with a big mouth, JJ’s heavy load ricochets back out of Christian while JJ’s load had no problem finding a home for the night.

[Watch Christian Taylor and JJ Knight in “Greasers” scene two]


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  1. Stonerr January 14th, 2017 at 6:26 PM

    I wish JJ still did bareback.


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