Trenton Ducati Gets “Pounded”

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Trenton Ducati Titan gay porn

It’s hard not to get excited by any scene stars Trenton Ducati.

Ex beau Tate Ryder succinctly gave 3 reasons to hire the stud on in a recent tweet: 

Sounds good to me. But at any rate, if you can’t afford the $350 or you’re not in the same city, you can always just watch him in his latest scene from TitanMen where he gets topped by George Ce from a movie called “Pounded”. (Is it just me of does it seem like they’re running out of name for porn movies?) 

Clip below:

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One response to Trenton Ducati Gets “Pounded”

  1. Hector October 15th, 2013 at 1:58 PM

    $350 seems low for that level of studliness! WOOF!


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