“Go Ahead, Fuck Me, Uncle Fredrick!”

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Duke Ridge (Rocco Steele) hopes a hot meal and the Lord’s prayer will soothe the tension. But right after dinner, all hell breaks out on the Ridge Family Farm. Starting with his son’s ass.

Beckett Dodge (FSG exclusive Jacob Peterson) will never forget what he saw Dad, Fredrick (Trenton Ducati), doing with the ranch hands in the barn was downright scandalous and then some. And Fredrick can’t unsee that afternoon when his son and nephew Ryder (Colton Grey) crossed the line into the forbidden.

Today, the facade behind the “Family Pact” start to crumble in ways even “Secrets & Lies” can’t cover up.

colton grey trenton ducati nakedsword originalsAfter dinner, Fredrick and Ryder are sharing dish duty. “I don’t think my dad would appreciate knowing you’re fucking the ranch hands,” a cocky Ryder sneers to his uncle.

colton grey trenton ducati nakedsword originals“I don’t think my brother-in-law would like to find out about you fucking my son,” an infuriated Uncle snarls back to his nephew.

colton grey trenton ducati nakedsword originals“I think we both know what needs to happen,” Fredrick says as their lips meet. Then Ryder’s lips meet the business end of his Uncle’s giant cock.

colton grey trenton ducati nakedsword originalsFredrick buries his face in Ryder’s ass until that tight pink hole releases its juice and starts to quiver.

colton grey trenton ducati nakedsword originals“Go ahead, fuck me, Uncle Fredrick!

colton grey trenton ducati nakedsword originalsThe loads they spill over each other right there on the kitchen counter travel far. Just the like sounds of what they just finished doing. Only they don’t know that. Yet.

[Watch Colton Grey & Trenton Ducati in “Secrets & Lies” scene three from NakedSword Originals & Rock Candy Films]


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