Donald Trump & Michael Weinstein: Depreciated Since Birth:

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Donald Trump & Michael Weinstein were both born with their foots in their mouths, their heads up their ass … and it’s been downhill for both of these crybabies ever since.

Election Day 2008 was a bittersweet day for many of us and especially for those in California. Barack Obama won, but Prop 8 for marriage equality lost. Especially following last night’s debate, Election Day 2016 could be similar. Hillary Clinton may very well be elected President while Prop 60 mandating condom use in porn is is currently on a trajectory to pass. We have to take action and reverse that now.

But it ain’t over until it’s over. In February I wrote, “Depending on how things go on November 8th this year, we could find mad men in both the White House and our bedrooms.” Regardless of the outcome, Donald Trump & Michael Weinstein are cut from the same cloth and they’ve been rubbing people the wrong way ever since.

Out of Sight, Out Of Their Minds: If you heard Donald’s pro-life diatribe last night, he wasn’t discussing how abortions are performed, he was talking about C-sections. He regurgitates the worst of the GOP platform. Reversing marriage equality and overturning Roe V. Wade with no exceptions are just for starters. And of michael weinstein gay donald trumpcourse, there’s the plan to eliminate the evils of sex education in favor of teaching abstinence: if kids aren’t exposed to sex, they won’t be having it. The reality is it produced the opposite result.

Weinstein is operating under the same delusion: he has decided that making bareback porn illegal will make people stop having bareback sex. Especially when it comes to gay men, that is as false in the US as in Great Britain.

Weinstein also has the myopic “my way or the highway” view on the broader issue. He’s reduced the nearly 99% effectiveness of PrEP to that of a mere party drug. He has decided for the rest of us that is it condoms or abstinence. Like the Donald, he thinks he knows better. And he’s the only one that can fix it. Oh physician, heal thyself. Just like women and their bodies, all adults are the ones who should be making the decisions not just about their porn, but about their own health.


Make America _____ Again:michael weinstein gay donald trump Like his hats say, Donald wants to make America great again. His plan to do so starts with revitalizing our economy. The actual truth is independent experts agree his plan would blow up the deficit, raise the unemployment rate and consumer prices, and diminish the GDP.

One of Weinstein’s pledges is to safeguard the health of porn actors chiefly by making studios pay for STI/HIV tests before they make a film. The reality right now for porn actors in California is they get tested not just before a movie, but every two weeks, michael weinstein gay donald trumpfree of charge, utilizing the Performer Availability Scheduling Services (PASS) from the Free Speech Coalition. In addition to the increased frequency, PASS’s protocol includes a more comprehensive panel of tests than the AHF put forth including the Aptima HIV-1RNA Qualitative Assay test which shows infections as early as 7-10 days. In the HIV Antibodies test that would be mandated by Weinstein, antibodies show after 22 or more days. Other tests on a full performers’ PASS panel include; chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B & C, trichomoniasis, and syphilis. And in the event of a positive test, the PASS network can almost instantly notify all other possibly affected actors as well as setting up immediate treatment. Bottom line, Prop 60 disempowers the direct control porn actors have over their own health in favor of a third party.

Lock ‘Em Up: Like an autocrat from some Banana Republic, Trump has replaced the justice system and due process when it comes to his enemies. He’s the judge and jury. He’s made his pronouncement with the rallying cry “Lock Her Up.”
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Meanwhile, passage of Prop 60 would establish Weinstein as a Porn Czar with the power to override the state attorney general. That doesn’t just give him autocratic rule over sex workers, it establishes him as the defacto decision maker for what kind of porn the rest of us get to see.

Even more dangerous than Trump stoking his rally goers to, “Lock her up,” Prop 60 also “Allows Individuals to Bring Lawsuits on Regulatory Violations.” Yes, John and Jane Q Public will be able to place porn actors under “citizen’s arrest.” And in doing so, make their real names, addresses, and other personal information matters of public record. That isn’t just an invasion of privacy, that potentially puts them directly in harm’s way. Weinstein is in fact endangering those he purports to be protecting. He is the one that needs to be locked up right along with Agent Orange.

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Both the Donald and Weinstein have no idea they’re naked because they have surrounded themselves with sycophants who are as full of shit as they are. And like Van Jones and Anderson Cooper pointed out on CNN last night …

You can’t polish a turd.

But there are things you can do.

First, if you live in California, you already know what to do. If you have friends and relatives in the state, you know what you should be doing: talk to them to make sure they understand the truth, not the hyperbole.

Second, continue to empower yourself
Follow #NoProp60 on Twitter
Learn more at
Legislative Analysis of the Adult Film State Ballot Initiative in California
Initiative Breakdown by BallotPedia
Donate to and visit the Free Speech Coalition Website

Then cast your ballot:

And now, back to our regularly scheduled pornography.

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