How Kissing Cousins Lead To “Secrets & Lies”

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After what happens between them this afternoon not even “Secrets & Lies” can heal the wounds on the Ridge Family Farm.

He wasn’t supposed to see it. But he did. Beckett Dodge (FSG exclusive Jacob Peterson) saw his dad Franklin (Trenton Ducati) making the ranch hands service his dick in the barn the night before. Not able to comprehend the meaning of what he saw, he turns to his cousin, and best friend, Ryder Ridge (Colton Grey).

After their “talk” in the walnut grove, there will be even more scandalous “Secrets & Lies” on the Ridge Family Farm.

colton grey jacob peterson flip fuckAs it turns out, that extreme level passion in Colton’s encounter with Paul Canon in “Wild Weekend Part 2” was just the starting part for the level he achieves with Jacob Peterson today. For his part, though he’s flip fucked before, today Jacob owns Colton’s ass in a way we’ve never seen until today.

colton grey jacob peterson flip fuckWhat starts as an innocent kiss between cousins turns into endless sexual smack-down filled with lusty hunger, bloated bones, and hungry holes.

colton grey jacob peterson flip fuckThe former kissing cousins are fucking cousins all at the same time. Beckett goes first. Then the freshly fucked Ryder becomes the rider, taking Beckett bent over the picnic table.

colton grey jacob peterson flip fuckThe passion referred to earlier? Just look at Beckett’s dick with that crown of skin still covering his head even after he exploded all over his abs, paving the way for an even bigger load from Ryder.

pg-slies2As the sun sets, Beckett & Ryder make a pact, “don’t tell dad!” Too late. That means there are more “Secrets & Lies” to cum.

[Watch Colton Grey & Jacob Peterson in “Secrets & Lies” scene two from NakedSword Originals & Rock Candy Films]


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