The Evolutionary Reason We Can’t Stop Masturbating

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_-huge-cum-shot-24It’s a fact that for both sexes; masturbation does consume and ultimately waste our bodies reproductive fluids with no possibility of procreation. The Darwinists have long wondered about this. Citing both natural selection and corrective laws of nature, it has puzzled the scientific community why our gonads have not maximized our reproductive potential by achieving hormonal and primal balance. In other words, why hasn’t masturbation been rendered extinct.

Now, we just have have the answer: newly discovered science may have discovered the smoking gun of why we whack the willy.

science why men masturbate

Marine iguanas mating

An evolutionary justification for masturbation comes from scientists studying marine iguanas is being reported by iOs9. The marine iguana mating scene consists of harems kept by the biggest, meanest males on the beach. Naturally, there’s some sneaking around going on. Crafty smaller males can tempt females to mate with them, but these sessions depend on timing. If the larger male interrupts the couple before the act is over, the smaller male could get hurt without getting any babies out of the encounter. Scientists noticed that smaller males often engaged in an odd behavior before they went out to find a female. They’d grip the rock beneath them and rub against it. The motion was subtle, but unmistakable. Soon the smaller male was ready to go, and could get the mating done faster than a male who hadn’t prepared himself.

In other words, masturbation has evolved to ensure that that insemination happens as quickly as possible, completing the act of procreation. Unfortunately, there is no off switch when procreation is not the desired objective. Thank you, Mother Nature, and fuck you too!

Since practice makes perfect, here is Augustine, the guy from the featured image on the front page. That nine inch dick sprouts from a frame that towers in at a compact 5’5″. You can never can tell, can you guys?

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