Jimmy Durano Fucks Ryan Rose Into The Future

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A high-tech look. A high-tech feel. And a very high impact fuck between Jimmy Durano and Ryan Rose.

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Jimmy won’t be bottoming in the future either it looks like. But considering how unbelievably sexy Ryan looks getting that fat, uncut dick slicked up for his hole, that future will have to wait since Ryan Rose can’t.

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Jimmy may be top only, but he is a highly skilled one and a talent for multi-tasking for pleasure.

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After replacing his tongue with his dick, Jimmy delivers a high-velocity fuck that sends Ryan’s jizz raining down onto his perfect abs. Then Jimmy takes aim at Ryan’s nutcracker thighs and covers them with thick white ropes as this “Ultra Sex” ends a lip lock.

[Watch Ryan Rose & Jimmy Durano in the “Ultra Sex” feature] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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