“International Playboys” Delivers An Out Of This World Fuck

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They may be “International Playboys” but the fucking Rikk York gets from Rafael Alencar looks more like something from out this world.

We know from the first scene. The only thing that could make the stunning Darius Ferdynand even more breathtaking is when he’s riding Jack Harrer’s penis-colossus. Last week, NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor proved to be the hottest piece of ass in London when he made every solid, fat, uncut inch of Kayden Gray disappear.

rikk york rafael alencar international playboys
Today, we’re back in the center of the universe, Manhattan, to join Rikk York, who is about to make Rafael Alencar’s legendary pole the center of his universe. “In A New York Minute” is the story the amount of mileage Rafael’s cock puts on Rikk’s ass — and how.

rikk york rafael alencar international playboys
“International Playboys” from NakedSword Originals adds some South American heat with Rafael today. The Mediterranian swarthiness of Rikk is in sharp contrast to those twinky boys in Rafael’s stable. Rafael was more than ready to dive in.

rikk york rafael alencar international playboys
Piledriver is a position few have quad strength to pull off much less the dick length to master. Which makes Rafael flipping mid-fuck into a reverse piledriver all the more remarkable to see. And to feel. Rikk’s G-spot just received a 360-degree handshake from one of the biggest cockheads around.

rikk york rafael alencar international playboys
Rafael pummeled Rikk relentlessly, for what seems like hours in every position imaginable. Rikk took it like a champ. After Rafael fucked the cum out of him, it was Rafael’s turn. Rikk took it again, but this time on the chin.

[Watch Rikk York and Rafael Alencar in “International Playboys” scene 3]


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