Roman Heart Takes A Holiday, And Two Penises At Once

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Roman’s finally back from vacation, and none too soon. The release of Falcon’s Roman Holiday is imminent and, while it’s not actually based on his actual globe-trotting, it does contain more than it’s fair share of adventure. Only a few months ago, detractors were lamenting the Falcon’s safe-and-staid stance. Hey — they may have abandoned oral cumshots and recommitted to safe sex, but there latest release shows there’s a few more tricks up their sleeve: two in fact. In a sneak peak that Falcon has released prior to the movie, Roman takes two passengers on his well-traveled ass in a double-penetration worthy of Phil St. John.


Roman’s appearing on

Falcon TV tonight. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll repeat the trick(s).


Falcon Banishes The Cold With ‘Winter Heat’

Roman Heart On Vacation at the Casa Rosada In Argentina (


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One response to Roman Heart Takes A Holiday, And Two Penises At Once

  1. Jayson August 1st, 2008 at 3:44 PM

    WOW and WOW and WOW
    Roman Heart, the hottest ass in gay porn getting double penetrated by these 2 studs? Am I dreaming? This is amazing. It looks like Falcon is back on track. These guys are STUDS and deserving of the classic Falcon look. I cant wait to see this. I read that Roman gets a double facial from these 2 hunks too. Way too HOT!!!!!!!!!!!


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