Rap Sheets To Wish Lists: The Infamy of Ryan Rose

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“As of lately I’ve been a good boy. I haven’t done a lot of bad things … this year.” ~Ryan Rose

“If you’re going to fuck up, fuck up big” is particularly appropriate to porn stars. Their mishaps, misdemeanors, and felonies make for headlines in the gay blogesphere that can be juicier than anything they have done on-screen. Until now.

“Fuck You I’m Infamous” from NakedSword Originals evens the score by letting porn’s baddest boys own their scandalous past then conquer our present.

Falcon Exclusive Ryan Rose is no stranger to controversy. He addresses his previous volatile relationship with another porn star with brutal honesty. With Ryan Rose, it’s not about forgiving or forgetting his past. It’s acknowledging that it also is part of his present as one of, if not the most, consistently hot performers gay porn has ever known. Today, Ryan channels that that former angst into his scene today with Draven Torres.

ryan rose fuck you im infamous
Draven Torres is a bad boy for another reason. His fame and infamy both stem from the same unique item on his resume. He’s not just one of the filthiest pups on the circuit, he’s won awards for it. In “Fuck You I’m Infamous”, his trophy is being mastered by Ryan Rose. Licking Ryan’s boots is his opening act.

ryan rose fuck you im infamous
Ryan Rose’s recent headlines have been for being a singular sexual tour de force like no other. Today is another example as he unleashes that all on Draven Torres by cracking open his ass like it’s his personal playground.

ryan rose fuck you im infamous
Ryan and Draven actively execute on video positions you usually only see in still images.

ryan rose fuck you im infamous
Ryan slam fucks him like Draven is a dog is heat.

ryan rose fuck you im infamous
Then he rewards his thirsty pup with a long drink as Draven makes a puddle of his own. Something else we learn in “Fuck You I’m Infamous”, there’s no rest for the wicked.

[Watch Ryan Rose & Draven Torres in “Fuck You I’m Infamous” at NakedSword]

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