When NextDoorRaw Went NextDoorWrong

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Even hot guys like Brendan Phillips and Addison Graham can have a bad day. Or is it just the scene that sucks? Or just maybe, it’s the trailer?

Questionable casting or not, they call it NextDoorRaw for a reason. From this position, they could have called it NextDoorHaveASeat. This is not a successful “make it work” gay porn moment.

OK, so maybe it was that position that was the problem. Time to regroup and do the flying buttress. Only there doesn’t seem to be much flying going on here either. Either there’s a new editor at NextDoorRaw who was afraid to show some hot action in the trailer — or there wasn’t the good stuff to begin with. Hoping for the former, prepared for the latter. Either way, we’ll know at midnight.

[Watch Brendan Phillips & Addison Graham in “Raw Hookup”] [Check out the full review and watch the trailer at The Sword]


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