Man Regrets Penis Enlargement: Now It’s “Too Big” To Use

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Penis Enlargement: Admit it, we’ve all thought about it. I mean, who wouldn’t want a few extra inches? In the case of a “Micah” (not his real name), he wishes he never did. In an interview with Vice, he suggests it maybe wasn’t the best decision he’s ever made.

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Now he’s stuck a problem that most guys probably dream about: The 45-year-old has a 9″ long, 3″ wide, 7-9.5 lb. penis that “makes sex more difficult (though not impossible).” And he’s got to pee sitting down to avoid “strange looks when he uses urinals.”

penis enlargement pictures

VICE: The first time I saw you, I immediately noticed your gigantic bulge. Why did you enlarge your penis with silicone injections?
Micha: That’s kind of a long story. I think the whole thing started 20 years ago when I got a penis pump as a present. I was way too curious not to try it out. First, I tried it secretly for myself. But then it happened that I went out pumped up. And I realized that it was a good feeling.

What was the next step after pumping?
The next step for me was saline injections—injecting a sterile, isotonic sodium chloride solution.

And when did you decide to make that next step from saline to silicone?
In the end, it took several years. The whole thing was a process. Over the course of a few years, I’ve had silicone injected into both my penis and scrotum. At the moment, I have four procedures behind me.

How does your penis affect your sex life?
After you reach a certain size, you can’t do certain things any more. At least not with everyone and not without some foreplay. But there are other things you can do with it.

You just have to free yourself from established roles and hardened ideas about sex and be ready to play. I’ve been told that my penis looks like an ass or a mouth from the front.

How big is too big? I guess we finally have our answer. Watch the full documentary about Micah and his Giant Penis “Monster Meat” (make sure you have subtitles turned on):

Read the full interview with “Micah” at Vice.

And if you’re wondering, here’s what his massive penis looks like (from behind, at least):

penis enlargement pictures

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