Ed Snowden Inspires Reddit Users To Post “Dick Pics For Freedom”

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Thought I’m still not 100% sure how they’re exactly related, sexy NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s interview on last week’s episode of “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” has somehow inspired waves of straight and gay of Reddit users to post their pictures of their dicks as a protest of against government spying (or something?) on the subreddit DickPicks4Freedom.

Political protest or excuse for a bunch of well-hung internet geeks to show off their big ole dicks? Does it matter? Some dudes are uploading some really fucking impressive cocks. I’ve spent A LOT of time looking through these, because, you know — I’m super political and stuff — and here are a few of my favorite.

Hard Top for NSA to ride!:

(via reddit user Incubusboy3231)

(via reddit user Incubusboy3231)

‘ello this one’s for you Snowden:

straight guys dick pics

(via Laurelais_Hygiene2)


reddit dick pics 4 freedom

(via DB1014)

Here is some freedom wearing a watch. Thanks Snowden:

reddit Dick Pics

(via AtomicM)

NSA Take a look at Free Willy:

Reddit Dick Pics 4 Freedom

(via titanick9)

Placing freedom on the counter:

reddit dick pics 4 freedom

(via Skolman)

Hard huge cock while driving:

Reddit Dick Pics

(via OnehotguyNYC)

My SO’s Freedom:
(my personal favorite)

reddit dick pics 4 freedom

(via PenguinBombSquad)

Anyway, be sure to check out the rest on DickPicks4Freedom on reddit … and see how long you can make it without pulling out your dick and jerking off. (And if you do, upload a pic … it’s your patriotic duty … or something).

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