Nothing Like A Little Bum Fun To Get Over A Cheating Girlfriend

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Jake Tyler is sitting on a bed when “My Raw Fuck Buddies” opens, Vince Wilder joins him and asks how his day’s been going. “I had an effed up day,” Jake starts. “I caught my girlfriend cheating on me, dude.” Ruh roh. I smell a porn line on the way.

“I have an idea,” Vince says. “And I want to see if you’re cool with it.” Yeah, here it comes. “I’ve always been wondering how it feels like to get fucked in the ass.” There we go. Jake laughs, then Vince tries to cinch the deal. “It’s straight up funny, but I could do you. And in a way that might take your mind off of it.”

Don’t you love porn lines. Oh well, it’s supposed to be fun and a fantasy, right? And how many of your straight friends have you wanted to console with a blowjob? I can think of a few. And don’t you wish it were this easy. Maybe it is, I’ve never tried.

Jake pulls down his pants and Vince blows him. But the eye opener is when Vince lies back for his turn. Holy mackerel. As Jake says, “Man, that’s a horse cock.” And I’m thinking that the director miscast these two because getting that monster up his ass would sure take Jake’s mind off of his troubles – he wouldn’t be able to think of anything but the giant pain in his ass.

Jake sucks Vince’s huge dick – or he tries to, it’s not much more than a just-the-tip blowjob – then Vince gets down on all fours and shoves his ass in the air and hugs a pillow. Jake isn’t impressively hung, he’s comfortably average, and not very thick, but he’s probably got the perfect cock for a first timer who has been wondering how it feels to get fucked in the ass.

They grunt it out and Vince rolls over on his back, and then his side, and Jake finally blows all over his ass. Jake gives Vince a handjob and gets that huge dick creaming all over Vince’s treasure trail.

“My Raw Fuck Buddies” features Jake Tyler, Joey Rico, Vince Wilder, Taylor Stevens, Tony Noceros, Clark Kent, Seth Porter, Alan Willian, Bruno Stigmata, Christopher Ashlee in five scenes, and you can watch it at NakedSword.

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