When MormonBoyz Meat The Mormon Men …

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Elder Sorenson says he will do whatever it takes to receive the higher priesthood. Today Bishop Angus makes sure of that.

One thing we know after a couple of MormonBoyz Mondays: Elder Sorenson can fuck. First, it was that young morsel, Elder Stewart. Then the hunky Elder Miller couldn’t get Elder Sorenson’s dick inside his muscular ass fast enough. But today is different. Today, Elder Sorenson faces his “Inspection” and “Induction” from Bishop Angus and he has no idea what’s going to happen. But he’s already hard.

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Unlike his previous encounters, Elder Sorenson is the only young boy involved today. He’s always been irresistibly attracted to masculine older men and his hands actually tremble at the thought of the Bishop’s hairy, barrel chest. When those hands reach Bishop Angus thick cock, it’s his virgin hole that starts to tremble.

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But also unlike those times before, Elder Sorenson is not in control today. As much as he longs to receive the older man, an important part of his journey, he is game for anything the bishop demands.


And what Bishop Angus wants right now is to see how Elder Sorenson fucks. His virginity will have to wait. Elder Sorenson has spent nearly every waking and sleeping moment fantasizing about the men of the priesthood and his turn to become involved in this cult of male sexual bonding. Before today is over, he will be trying Bishop Angus on for size.

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