Big Dicking Around London

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Before Kayden Gray’s humongous cock went on a tour inside Mickey Taylor, they both took the rest of us on an inside tour of sex shops in the city they call home.

When NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor and Blake Mason exclusive Kayden Gray strolled by the famous Prowler adult boutique, Mickey’s picture was all over the billboard in the window. This is their city and as they showed us what makes it tick.

Even on the busy streets of SOHO, the simmering anticipation of what they were about to film was both clear and palpable. Kayden Gray’s dick is as big as any of the plastic versions in a sex shop. Their scene in “International Playboys” is the story of when Kayden finally gets to share with Mickey the real thing:

[Watch Mickey Taylor and Kayden Gray in “Date Night in Soho” from “International Playboys”]

London was just one stop … there’s even more of these fine men at the Netflix of Gay Porn, NakedSword

mickey taylor kayden gray xxx tour of london
[Visit the Mickey Taylor Theater] [Visit the Kayden Gray Theater] [Visit NakedSword]

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